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Sub Summary Report by month - again


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I suppose I have the same problem as someone in another thread:



MonthField = Month(relevantdatefield) calc result is a number

MonthNameField = MonthName(relevantdatefield) calc result is text

However these intructions don't work for me: "this field cannot be found"


I need to make a simple summary of invoices per month (up to 50) and

the most ideal would be: each month list on a separate record/lay-out.

Each invoice has a specific date, but if I make a sub-summary per date,

then I get a list "per day", and that's not the point.

And a sum of the ammount per month. of course.



So, I need to make this one field "MONTH" which I will use to summarize.

BUT HOW ????


Please, help.

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Perhaps a calculated number field called MonthYear


Year ( InvoiceDate ) & Right ( 00 & Month ( InvoiceDate ) ; 2 )


if you want to be able to overlap months from different years and sort them separately, or else two calculated fields, one a text field called monthname


MonthName ( InvoiceDate )


the other a number field


Year ( InvoiceDate )


and use a manual value list of







to do the sorting.

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I will have separate files for separate years anyway just to keep it simple.

So monthly selection/report would be enough.


But I will try to do what you suggest, hopefully I will find the right fields.


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Year ( InvoiceDate ) & Right ( "00" & Month ( InvoiceDate ) ; 2 )


and of course this formula assumes that your invoice date field is actually called InvoiceDate.


The two-field approach, of course, will require the value list to be in the language in which FileMaker produces its output, which GENERALLY depends on the language settings for your computer.

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Sure, I didn't think about it (I think the language is the problem).


But I managed to make a subsummary per month (I used both:

a number and a name of the month). So, Hurra!! It works.

All on one record/sheet/lay-out, but it works.


But now I can't make it to summarize the money per month.

I mase a new field called "total month" but what formula should I

use to count all the "totals"??


I don't know why but now even a simple drop-down menu doesn't work!

I tried to place it everywhere, but it doesn't work.


I'm not sure if I understand your instructions. Thanks anyway.

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If you have a Summary-type field that gets the total of whatever field you want to summarize and you put that field in the relevant sub-summary part of your sub-summary layout, once you do the sorting you should be able to see the totals you want.


In other words, your field should not be a calculation field but a summary field.

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