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Portal & "User is modifying record"


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I've got a portal set up that allows users to see orders that are under their name.


The relationship is currently set up as: Coordinator = gCoordinator whereby I have a global field that acts as a filter for the portal.


The issue I am running into is that when anybody is clicked on the Portal, all other users are prevented from modifying ANYTHING in the portal (not just specific records).


Hopefully this is a quick fix. Let me know if it's not explained very well and thank you for your help!



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Don't let them select a portal row or get their mousecursor actually into any field within the portal.


Is the desired effect that they pick (click on) a given row (order) and thereby GO TO that order? Make the entire group of fields in the portal row a button that does a Go To Related Records. When they click the button will execute and should not leave the portal row selected (and not any field within it).

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Thanks AHunter,


To clarify further I've basically got it set up so that any one person can manage multiple orders at one time.


Therefore, they will need to have portal rows selected to modify these records. Is there a better way to do this?


Previous solution:

- Found set with specific parameters

- Users had to keep performing the find to update records


New Solution:

- Portal

- Dynamic representation of ALL orders at once

- Real time updates that simulate an "inbox" of sorts


Is this even feasible?

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They don't need to have the portal rows selected. They should be doing their editing in a different window, not in the window that contains the portal. Use that one for navigation only.


Script for portal row:



Go to Related Records [PortalRelationship, related records only, New Window, using layout "Appropriate Data Entry Layout"]

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