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Can I change field data within a CF


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This may seem like a stupid question, but I've not seen any clear description about what I can (and can not) do within a custom function.


I am using a variation of Ray Cologon's excellent SuperLog function to retain a record of what users have changed from and to.


Within this datalogging function is it possible to set a field value to something? Ideally, if this custom function gets triggered, I would change the status field (same record) to "999" of something to that affect.


Is this possible? Perhaps there is another way to skin this cat? It just seemed like a great idea to implement the set value function within the very script that is already getting triggered when a value gets changed.


Thanks for any & all help,


Alan Barker

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Custom Functions are not verbs; in and of themselves they don't DO anything. You have to invoke them, either within a script or in a field definition.


If it's within a script, you should be able to Set Field to your heart's content the old-fashioned way.


If it's within a field def, you may be able to create an auto-enter calc option on other fields to cause them to auto-update in response to changes in the calculation field that uses the custom function within its field definition.


And of course the calculation field that uses the custom function directly within its definition would change automatically, as calc fields do, if the custom function precipitates a different result from the overall formula.

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