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when I close fmp the file disappears


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Hi, I don't know why since yesterday evening a strange thing happens: when I close fmp the file I was working to simply disappears from my computer. It doesn't happen with any other file. So I have to make frequent back ups on a pendrive to save my job....Does anybody know why this happens???

Thank you for any input

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First I'd reinstall FileMaker.


Failing that - and this is a serious long shot here - if your file has a shutdown script which runs an export field contents script step on a missing field to the same file path as your actual file in question, then it will delete the file, now this almost certainly isnt the case, in which case go with my first option :)


But as a side note for others, this is a bit of a hack to delete files from within filemaker if you need to:


a) Setup an export field contents script step to a file path you want to delete ie set it into a variable $filepath. Create a temporary field that u set into the export


b) once the script step is created, delete the field.


c) running the script step will delete the file @ $filepath.

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Is it always and only when you QUIT filemaker, not the file? Can you actually have the folder with the file in it open and visible on screen, then quit filemaker, and you instantly see the file disappear from the folder? does it go to trash or just gone? Can you do a search on your hard drive for it to make sure it just hasn't been moved? Did you reinstall filemaker?

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Now I've saved the file on desktop and it doesn't happen anymore. I couldn't find the gone file in the trash or anywhere in my hard disk...My pc has become very slow in turning on and I'm afraid there is something wrong with my hard disk

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