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How to make a search work


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First off, I just made my first Filemaker Database and was amazed on how easy it was to create a simple, but functional, database!


But then I stumbled on a challenge (for me). I want to be able to search multiple fields in my database. I understand that you should use the calculate function and it "kinda" works.


It, for example, shows all the records in the search field. I just want to be able to type, in this case, a song (I'm making a music database) and want the appropriate cd pop-up. But that doesn't seems to happen...


I spend searching the internet for a example, but these mostly talk about search functions on several databases. I just want to search fields in my database. (does this make any sense?)


Some pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Could you clarify your structure a little (do you have Songs in one table (file) and CDs in a related table (file)?), and tell us where searching multiple fields comes in in your scenario.

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Sure, I will give it a shot!


Everything is in one file. (I thought that it would be handy). In other words I did not make any other tables... It is just an overview on the cd and it's songs with the album art included!


When I want to search for a song, I just want to enter the song title and find the album thats related to that song. Thats it, hopefully it's more clear now. smiley-smile

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A much better structure would use two files (or tables, in later versions), where one holds Song information, and the other holds Album(CD) information. The two would be related by AlbumID. Then in the Album file, you'd use a portal of related Songs.


With this structure, you can simply perform a Find in the Song field in the portal.


In your current structure, you'd have to script the Find so that the criteria gets set into multiple requests (one request for each Song field). Aside from this hassle, the biggest problem is that a flat structure is not flexible. For example, if you build it to allow 20 songs, then you come across an album with 22 songs, you've got to go back in and modify the structure and certain scripts like this Find script. With a portal, you can enter as many songs as you want for an album and the Find will work across all of them.

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