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Relationships and Values Lists


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Help please.


I am confused about how relationships and value lists work. I have developed a relationship where there is a global field in an isolated table the value of this global field is "active". I have then set up a simple relationship linking this "active" value to a field called ContactStatus. In other words when ContactStatus equals "active" the relationship is true. Thus providing a list of "active" contacts only.


I have tested this within a portal and as I change the value of ContactStatus from "active" to "inactive" the Contact will appear or disappear from the portal list.


I am making the presumption that I can use this relationship to filter records in a value list?


So for example I have a separate table of Tasks. When selecting a new task I only want to offer the user a list of "active" contacts via a pulldown list, and want to use the results of the relationship above to produce this list. For some reason in my tests all the contacts seem to appear in the list regardless of whether they are "active" or "inactive".


Am I just doing something stupid? Or have I fundamentally misunderstood how the relationships and value lists work together. I would appreciate any enlightenment!

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HI kickarsey


you are so close,

all that you have to do is edit your value list, click to specify the field and then select the table occurance that your relationship uses in the first box of choice before you select your field to display.


You will then be able to select the 'show only related records' box and away you go.

I suspect that the table that you are selecting your field from is your base table





I think that you will find that you are using the base

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Spot on!


I had setup my relationship based on Contacts when it should have been based on Tasks!


Man! Filemaker relationships confuse me!!


Thanks for your help!!



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