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Hi everyone. I am trying to add the people that come to an especific event on a especific day. I have one presentacion that have a checkbox Field (Date) with five choices (Day1,Day2,...). In another presentation a want to add the total of people that came on day1, day2,..


I'll thanks any orentation that I can get


Thanks everybody



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Pretty hard question to understand given what youve described. By adding people do you mean actually creating people records?


I'm assuming you have an Events table, a People table, and some way to associate people with events, either using an intermediatry table, or storing People IDs against events, or whatever. You need some way to record the fact that a person attended an event.


Going with an intermediatry table idea as an example, Say you have a table called Attendees. If 20 people attend an event, you would create 20 Attendee records. The table contains an event ID and a person ID. You'd stick the event ID in and a Person ID of the person who attended the event. On this table you would also record what day the person attended the event ie day 1 day 2 day 3 etc... use the checkbox to set this field.



On your event layout (presentation), create a relationship to attendees table occurrence (called Event Attendees). The relationship would be:



Event ID = Event ID

DaySelector = DayAttended


DayAttended is the field you set on the attendee table which is the days the person ateended the event. DaySelector is on event and you set the days you want to count the # of ppl who attended on that day.


Create a calc on the Event table:


Count ( Event Attendees::Person ID)


This will give the # of people who attended the event on the days you specify.





of course this could be totally wrong since there wasnt enuf information given in the original question, you gotta be more specific!

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