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Trying to get one database to talk to the other


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Hi there!


I have two databases.


Database A (Master) has 3 records with three fields.

Name (text), Age (number), and Datafield (text)


Database B is identical, but I want to be able to type a matching text into the Database B Datafield field, and if the fields match to move the remaining field data into Database A.


I've gone to the Filemaker guide, and it's not too explicit in any manner.


Any assistance and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Lance W

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a) If the two databases are identical, why do you have two databases? You probably shouldn't.


b) FileMaker does not do that. There is no facility for "whenever I enter data in one file, please mirror it in this other file as well". You would have to script it, and the script would not "just happen" as a consequence of you doing the data entry, you'd have to click a button or otherwise invoke the script

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Maybe if I explain what I'm trying to do.


I'm setting up a system to read barcodes.


Database A (Master) would have the client info, and the respective barcode number.


Database B (Related) would be the system scanning in barcodes.


I would like Database B to be able to scan in the barcode number, and compare the barcode numbers from database A.


If the barcode numbers match, I would want database B to be able to copy the contents of the record from database A.


I don't know if that makes any more sense.




Lance Wright

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Thanks for that.


I'm already using that plugin, and it works great!


I'm still struggling to understand how I can do the lookup, and if the fields match, to move over the other fields.



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Database A doesn't change, huh? - it is kinda static with data you want thrown into Database B when barcodes match, is that correct?


What do you mean 'client information' btw, the only person I ever met who did something like that was a lawyer who scanned his files each time he opened them... and then billed his client based on file timeOpen?!?!


What is the product related to the barcode? (r u PC or MAC?)


ok... Database B, creates a new record with each scan; the new record has a barcode (resulting from the scan). You have other fields in this database which you should set as lookups, have them lookup their value in Database A based on the barcodes matching

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Database A is an existing database where I'm assigning a numerical sequence, which the plug-in is making barcodes from.


Database B is the barcode scanning database, where i want it to reference Database A, and if the barcodes match, I would like for it to fill in the rest of the information from Database A and place it in the respective fields in Database B.


So far, I can do the test to compare the barcode text field between Databases A and B, but I can't seem to get the info to move from Database A to B.


The product isn't related to the barcode. Each record will have a unique barcode.


This is for a club where they want to assign cards with Barcodes so they can determine who is attending.


Thanks for your input and assistance!



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create the relationship and lookups


in database B go to define fields, pick one of the fields you want to fill-in automatically from the data that is in database A, remember it will only do this if the barcode the scan entered in DBB, is the same as one that exists in DBA


from that field (perhaps a texts field), click on options and then click on looked-up value... you will probably need to define the relationship, choose the barcode field in both databases... then tell it which field you want to copy data from when the relationship match is satisfied

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do the same for each field you want copied over using the same relationship, barcode::DBA - barcode::DBB and you databases should be 'talking'

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Hello, I've seen you are using peninsula plug for barcode... have you ever had problems rotating barcode field? I've several problems on Win, at 0° the field is ok, but if I rotate it, the barcode became wrong.


merry chritstmas, robert

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