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URL Tracker

Jack Rodgers

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I've been playing with a table to store my urls so I can use Filemaker's goodies on them. I like being able to see the page within Filemaker, etc.


Filemakers demo file is fairly interesting.


Has anyone created a full fledged surfing table?

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Mixed luck using FmPro as a web browser. I'm not quite ready to tell my regular browser app to pack it in.


• I manage my monthly budget & online bill payments with FileMaker. It's nice & convenient to have the fields for "how much I paid" and "paid date" and "reference number" right there in the same window with the web page where I set up the payments; but now and then it goes haywire and reverts back to the logon page and I have to log on again. Never happens in a regular web browser.


• It is, of course, wonderful to be able to pass params to a web site via a complex URL (http://www.whatever.com/aspx?this&that=param&moreparam&whatnot) instead of typing all that mess in.


• On my current dayjob employer's db, I've automated what used to be a very tiresome process of loading indiv web pages associated with each client and printing them to PDF, so that it loops through the list loading them and printing them to PDF at predetermined location with calculated name.


• Right-click any link to open it in a new window and you get, not a new FileMaker window, but a window in your regular web browser. Not a bad feature in and of itself, but sort of takes you out of the "let's try FileMaker as a web browser" experience.


• Generally speaking, a rather limited and klunky right-click contextual-menu functionality.

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I have a button to open the url in my browser and one for in FIlemaker.


Pages that go to and you want to go back don't work well in Filemaker.

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