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Retrieve data from Excel file (xls) using ODBC


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Hi guys,


Has anyone been able to use excel as external source via ODBC ?


I keep getting:

"the odbc data source you have selected is not supported"


The setup is ok..My MDAC version is the latest..I don't get it.


I need values from an excel sheet and have to do it via ODBC because the manual says the Import script is not web compatible.



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How is a person using a web browser going to obtain info via ODBC from an Excel document that's on someone's hard drive? :confused:


Excel doesn't exist as a networked "resource" does it?

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Hello Ahunter3,


Indeed I can't use it via web. I just have to import records via normal Filemaker whenever I want to update the database in question.

My problem is solved now. I was trying to import records from excel via the windows ODBC driver.

But I figured out I can't do it like that. I have to Import records->File and then choose the excel and it recognizes automatically.

Now it's working.

But it's weird though..Should be able to import from excel via an odbc external data source and not only via the normal import->file->open (xls).


Thanks for your input :)



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I am not sure you can't import from Excel using ODBC (not positive that you can, either, I admit) but I'm almost certain that you would not be able to do so as a web-based guest.

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