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Using Global Radio Buttons to Filter with find script


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A quick question, and one that is perplexing me.


I want to have a system where users can quickly filter a found set based on office location and item status. I am using 2 radio buttons sets based on global fields, and then a script to take these global values and set the fields within find mode and then perform the find.


I have a radio buttons set with three offices (location one, location two, location three), next to this a second radio buttons set with the item status (On order, in stock, and out of stock), next to this I have a small button labelled "filter",


When the user clicks the filter button the radio button selection is used to set a find criteria and the list is updated -- very simple.


This works well except when no items meet the search criteria. Then I receive the standard FileMaker "modify find" or "continue". For some reason I cannot change the radio buttons values from within the script -- can you offer me a explanation/solution.


I have checked that the radio buttons can be entered in both brows and find mode.

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A radio button is just a display preference. You can set the field normally via a Set Field[] (in Browse Mode or in Find Mode).

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