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can't display vertical toolbar in a portal even if it's checked


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Could someone please look at the file attached and tell me why in the portal at the table "pazienti " I can't see the vertical scrollbar even if it's checked???smiley-frown

Thank you smiley-smile


by the way....why if the version is file maker 8 when I save a copy I see in the options just fp7 and all files???? Oh Really!

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a) You've got line width set to zero (and line color set to transparent, by the way). The vertical scrollbar is there, but you can't see it because it is drawn with zero width invisible lines.


b) FileMaker last changed file format with FileMaker 7, hence ".fp7"; the format before that came out with FileMaker 5 (thus ".fp5"), and the one before that originated with FileMaker 3 (aka ".fp3"). There is no such thing as a ".fp4", ".fp6", ".fp8", or ".fp9" file.

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