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Linking fields to allow auto entry


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Is there a way to link fields, so that if a code is entered in one, data is automatically entered in others?


For example, if a product code is entered in one field, can this automatically generate a product description in another and a price in a further field?





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Dave, one way to do this is to have 2 tables. The first would have 3 fields: product code, description, and price. The second table would have one field (product code), and would be linked to the first table through that field (product code related to product code). In the second table you would also have a description field and a price field, but these would show data from the first table (drag a field onto the table 2 layout, and in the field setup, "display data from" window, choose the first table and select the field. To make it easy to enter the product code in the second table, you can make that field a drop down list referencing the product code in the first table.


This is probably quite a bit more basic than you probably need, but I hope it will give you a starting point. I've attached a file as an example, but if you're not a member, I'm not sure that you can download it.

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