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How to make a copy of a Calculation field?


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I have a Calculation field called SubtotalCalc which automatically Sum()'s the total for each line item. I would how ever like to make a copy of this value to another Numeric field called Subtotal.


My problem is that I dont know how to make Subtotal update itself with the value of SubtotalCalc when it is updated.


Thank you for your help.




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Neither does anybody else.


What you are asking for is some way of having a LOCAL field that is not a calculation field always have current up-to-date information about data that is in a related table. Since you already have a calculation field right there, and are asking how to "copy" info to a number field in the local table, I assume you probably want it there, indexed, rather than there (calculated, not indexed).


There's no direct way of doing so simply via field definitions.


You need to script it (controlling the data entry process so that whatever fills in the line items is causing a subscript to run).


The closest thing to an out-and-out cheat is a plug-in such as ZippScript, causing it to fire off such a script every time one of the fields in the line items table gets modified.

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