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Evaluate Auto-Calc Text Field with Set Field


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I have two text fields. One is regular 'textfield1' and the other, 'textfield2', has a auto-enter calculated value that references 'textfield1'. And I have 'Do not replace...' unchecked.


When I enter text in 'textfield1' normally, 'textfield2' auto-enter calc triggers like it's suppose to and everything is great. But if I put text into 'textfield1' through a script using Set Field, then 'textfield2' does not trigger. Why Not?


I tried committing the record, refreshing window, etc but no luck. Am I missing anything simple? Filemaker 9 Adv 9.0v3




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Never Mind! I had a Custom Function in my Auto-Enter calc that was causing the problems. My custom function was referencing the active field and there was no active field through a script.


Thanks anyway!

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