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Server 8


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We lost a computer last night and I have installed server 8 on another computer.


The databases are well. Somewhere I am missing an item. Users on the network can see the remote host, but not the open database.







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1. In the filemaker server admin, go to configure -> Secutiry tab. There is an option "Filter the Display of Files" make sure this is set to "Display all databases" - otherwise when users select the server under "open remote" in their client, they need to hold the option (or windows equivalent key) while clicking the server name, then enter a username/password which is then checked against files on the server and only those with matching accounts will display . I believe this is the most likely candidate.


2. Make sure in the files "access to FileMaker network" extended privilege is set on the privilege sets you use.


3. Is the other machine firewalled? The computers may be able to see the machine but not gain access. I don't know much about this subject so perhaps someone else can shed some light on whether this may be the issue.


4: Are the databases open? Sorry to potentially insult your intelligence! But often after a crash when you try to re-open files they mail fail a consistency check, even tho u tried to open them they may not have actually opened.


5. On the client in the open remote window, open the properties for the server in question and make sure "show all available files for host" is ticked, or if you use the other option, make sure to list the databases in the box provided.


6. Again in the open remote -> Favourites window, hold down the option key (or windows equivalent if you are windows) while clicking a server name, it will prompt you for a username and password. The username & password you type will attempt to match against username/paswords for files on the server. Ie if you type "Admin/Admin" , it will only show those files on server who have an Admin/Admin login account. It could be this needs to be setup (that ones a long shot)

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