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Calculate number result from text fields


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We have a database that we put all of our exams in for each day -

Example: "6:35AM - Frontier - CT - CT of the Head"

(each dash indicates a separate field - TIME, SITE, MODALITY and EXAM)


What we want to do, is to be able to have a numerical value generated from each of the fields with the exception of the TIME field. This would allow us to then go back and calculate how many exams were done per site, per modality and per exam type.



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Simplest is to create a report.


Add a calc field value 1

Add a summary field for the calc field


Select the field you are interested in and use that for the subtotal break. Hide the body. Put the above summary field in the subtotal break field.


Your field......Summary field


This will create a sum for each value in the field.


You'll need one report for each field.

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So sorry, but could you include a little more detail? I am just starting out and know very little.



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