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Printing a portal road


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Quick question. I have a layout that contains a portal that is used to fill out shipping forms. I have a print button in the portal that runs a script that says:



goto portal row [select; No dialog; Get (PortalRowNumber)]

print setup [Restore; No dialog]

print[restore; no dialog]

print setup [restore; No dialog]



What I want the script to do is print the current portal row. What it does is print the first portal row.


One possible solution that I see is to have the script open a seperate window that shows information from the portal's source table, preform a find for the record id and then the row number that should be printing, and then print that record, but it seems like there should be an easier way of going about printing a portal row.


What am I missing here???

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Nearly all printing of portal records in nearly all solutions is done using some variation of this:


Go to Related Records [show only related records, PortalTable, using layout "printable layout of PortalTable"]

Sort [if you're printing multiple portal rows, by appropriate order, no dialog]

Print Setup [restore, no dialog, to something appropriate]

Print [current rec only to print just one portal row, found set to print them all, no dialog]

Go to layout [original layout]



99% of the time, people want to print ALL portal records; and they put the info of the parent table up in the header, so the result looks like this in layout mode:




---end header part---

List View / skinny body part, portal row data here



and like this when printed:












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Ok that makes sense. I'll try it out today.


This is one of those cases where we'd only want to print one portal row (the shipping form) each time so I think your solution would be best.

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