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Is there a way to use Goto Related records, but to have it inform me if there are no related records?


As of now, it just does nothing in this case, but for a script I am working on, I need to know that there were no found records.


I am currently using Goto Related record

Get Related from : MyTable

Show Records using layout :MyLayout

Show Only related records is checked

Match all records in current found set is checked.




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Hi Fred


You can use error capturing for that.

Something like this


[i]#script opening[/i]
set error capture [ on ]
[i]#more script[/i]
go to related records [ your settings ]
if [ get ( lasterror ) // no related records ]
[i]#do stuff[/i]
end if
[i]#more script[/i]


see if it works for you :)

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You can also count the number of related records and if it is > 0, run the script.


If ( count ( related record id field ) > 0

...go to related record

end if

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