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...trying to cut out keystrokes. Help!


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Seems like this should be very easy, but I'll be darned if I can make it happen. smiley-sealed


I'm dealing with two fields, I want to do a FIND (Registration #), then, take that information to a browse window in order to ENTER (a score) for the found registration #.


Ideally, I'd like the cursor to end up in the score field, to save on keystrokes.


Here's what I have so far: (that doesn't work)

1st Script:

Go to Layout [score Entry]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Go to Field [2008FestivalDB::Reg #]

... user would input a reg# (say 298), and press return....

2nd Script:

Go to Layout [score Entry]

Enter Browse Mode [ ]

Go to Field [2008FestivalDB::Score]

Then I have a 3rd script that combines these two.

Perform Script [Find Reg #]

Pause/Resume Script

Perform Script [set Field to Score]


Am I on the right track? Can this be done (without the extra keystrokes?)


Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer!



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Comment ["this assumes you start out on the Score Entry page, on the record where you want to dump the found value of Reg #"]


Set Variable [$OrigWindowName, Get(WindowName)]

New Window ["Get Reg Number"]

Go to Layout [score Entry]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Go to Field [2008FestivalDB::Reg #]

Allow User Abort [Off]

Pause [indefinitely]

Set Error Capture [On]

Perform Find []

If [Get(FoundCount) = 0]

.. Exit Script

End If

Set Variable [$RegNumber, 2008FestibalDB::Reg #]

Close Window ["Get Reg Number"]

Set Field [2008FestivalDB::Score, $RegNumber]





Question: why is your table named 2008FestivalDB? Are you not going to be doing this in 2009? were you thinking you would throw this away and start over from scratch in 2009? were you thinking you needed to have a different file for each year, perhaps?

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AHunter, Thanks so much for your reply.


Ugh... Variables. I'm going to have to do my homework here. I haven't used these functions yet. Thank you for pointing me in a new direction. I'm excited about figuring this out.


Regarding the name of the database...it's just a way for me to save each year's database separate from other years. When I get done with one year, I "save as" the next year, delete the data, and start over... using the same windows, scripts, etc. I try to tweak it every year.


Just FYI... I'm a music teacher (band director) who is trying to teach myself this stuff in order to make selection for "all-county" band/and orchestra easier. We select kids based on their music scores at a solo festival. I've been using Filemaker for a few years... currently using 8.5, but I still consider myself a novice.


The best parts of my database are scripts that I devised that rank kids who play different level solos, and take into account disparities among judges scoring (equalization). I'm quite happy with the way that all works.


My current "challenge" is actually a very SMALL part of the database, but I was asked this year if I could make entry a couple key strokes shorter... (When you're inputting 1,000 scores over two days, a few key strokes does add up).


Again, thanks... and I'll post again, when I've got it.


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AHunter.... tried your suggestion.


Having difficulty "setting the Variable".

In the "Set Variable" Options Window that opens, (where you type in name, value, repetition), I'm unable to get it to look like yours. It won't allow me to use commas, etc... The closest I've come is:

[$OrigWindowName, Get WindowName] for the first variable.


Also, I just noticed that in your post you started by saying: "this assumes you start on the score entry page (true), on the record where you want to dump the found value of Reg#.


Maybe I wasn't clear in my first post... I don't want to "dump the found value of Reg #". I just want to do a search for a registration number, and then, type in a score. These two numbers are not the same. Just looking for a way to go from the "Find" window, to a "Browse" window that will allow the entry of the score, and get the cursor into the score field... preferably in one click.


Thanks again for your help.

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How are the two tables related. Can you just put the related score field right beside the Reg # ?




enter find mode

goto field Reg#


perform find

goto score field


Do you utilize this system to pick students to try out for All State Band and Orchestra?

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