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Relationship Problem


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I had the relationship Customer::__Kp_CustomerID = Order::_KfCustomerID and a script parameter, Customer::__kp_CustomerID, when my script created a new record in Order that was related to the specific Customer record. I changed the relationship to Customer::Company = Order::Company. This was to allow all buyers of a specific company to show up on records in Order, via a Value List.


Now, other fields such as salesperson, terms etc, which did follow come in with the first relationship, will not come in. I cannot even set fields. Something must be wrong/missing with the relationship.


Need some direction. Working in 8.5.





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I'm having a hard time following your described relationship, but I'm more visual when it comes to this sort of thing; I'm forever drawing boxes and lines.


It sounds to me that you're breaking a perfectly fine relationship in to generate a value list of everybody in a particular company. If that's the case, my suggestion would be to re-establish the old relationship, then create a new table occurrence of Customer specifically for the value list. Helpful?

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