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Hi! I'm working with two databases (x and y), and I have a problem where one of my buttons in database y goes to the first record of database x, rather than the related record.


The relationship between the two is a multi-criteria relationship, in which I want the same three fields in each database to match exactly.


I think that the relationship is set up properly because a portal to y functions correctly in x, and related fields from x inserted directly into the layout of y also function correctly.


I have several other buttons in y that work just fine (they open related records in other databases than x), and I set up my 'problem button' the same way I did those: insert button, go to related record, specify get related record, show record using external table's layout, show in new window. It doesn't matter if I check 'show only related records' or not.


I can't figure out what the problem is--can anyone help?


Thank you!!


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I think that the relationship is set up properly because a portal to y functions correctly in x,


How about when you go back the other direction?


If you put a portal to X on your table Y layout, do you see


• Just one Table X related record;

•*Several Table X related records; or

• Every Table X record as a related record?

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Thank you for your reply! I put in a portal to x in my y database. Only one record appeared in the portal--the correct, related x record for the y record.


I think this makes sense because the relationship between the two databases is such that for each x record there should be ca. 1-6 related y records. For each y record, however, there will be only one related x record (which it may share with other y records).


If it helps to know the type of actual data I am using, database x records different property addresses--one address per record. Database y records the shrines (this is for an archaeology project) that appear in the properties, one shrine per record, and there may be more than one shrine per property.


The databases are linked by a tripartite address system (hence the three match fields I mentioned in my previous post). What I would like is a button for each shrine in y that opens the related property record in x.


Does any of this help explain what might be going on?




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OK. You only see one Table X record as being related when you view it in a portal from Table Y. So far so good.


You should be able to make a button on the Table Y layout that does this:


Go to Related Record, Show only Related Records, of current record only, Relationship: Table X, using layout: "Table X Data Entry"



(substitute your real table names of course, and use an appropriate layout)


That should, in fact, be what your misbehaving button does.


Hmm... are these tables perhaps in two different FILES? If so, be sure to check the checkbox "use external file's layouts" so you can get a list of appropriate layouts FROM THE OTHER FILE to choose from.

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The button works now! The problem must have been that while I had the 'use external table's layouts' box checked, I hadn't actually selected the layout to use in the 'show record using layout' drop-down. I went back and checked the other buttons I made in database y, and I had done the same thing with them--checked the box but then didn't select the actual layout to use. What is strange, though, is that those buttons still worked!


Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.



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