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Display related info in "sorted and compressed"


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I have a table called Interpreters and another table called IntLang (for InterpreterLanguages).


IntLang contains interpreters' working languages with ratings (A, B, BO, Bsm, Bsp, C). Each record holds one language with its rating.


ISO code	Rating
en	C
de	B
fr	B
it	B0
es	A


I need a calc to display an interpreter's language combination. My current calc is very simple - the relationship is sorted, so languages are displayed as


es - A, de - B, fr - B, it - B0, en - C


but I would like the display to be more compact and legible, e.g.


A: es / B: de, fr / B0: it / C: en


Or, in fact, if anyone can think of a better way to convey this information in one line using text only, I'd love to hear your ideas. If I could just use styles to convey the rating information it would be great, but how do I find 6 style combinations that work together?


So, to sum it up, unless you have other suggestions, I need help with a calc that will produce


A: es / B: de, fr / B0: it / C: en.


I have Advanced so I can use a custom function.

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