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2 Value lists and field dependent upon 1 or other


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I've been working on a property management database. Some properties are Short term rentals and some are Long term rentals. I've created a portal on same layout to display the rental address and a 2nd portal showing the tenant for that rental address sorted descending by lease start date. I did this because it's the only way I could find to show the most recent tenant relevant to date and created only 1 row in portal so I don't see previous tenants.


Now, with that said, I have 2 pop up value lists, 1 displays the owner and when chosen the portals act accordingly. But, my problem is having 1 owner who owns more than one property and showing the specific property based on whether it is a Short term rental or a Long term rental. The 2nd pop up value list I have is displays short or long term, this is also on the same layout. I've created a relationship between the short/long term pop to the tenants table, since this is where the records per tenant are first created.


My main goal here is to have the portal rental address and tenant to change based upon whether I then choose short or long term, this way it is still attached to the same owner but is specific to rental a or b and tenant a or b, but the portal doesn't change. What step(s) am I missing?

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Since I haven't heard anything from anyone, I'm going to assume it's because I'm not explaining myself correctly.


1 table called disbursements, with 2 drop down lists. 1 value list is based upon a separate table called property owner and as records are added to this table, so will the list in value 1 grow. Value list 2 is static also on the disbursements table, just says short term and long term, value 2 is also stored on a tenants table, for each tenant I choose whether they are long term or short term tenants.


When I am back in the disbursements table, I choose list 1 to populate portal info, (unit address etc.). But I need to change the info in the disbursements table based upon the static value list 2 because 1 owner may have more than 1 property address with a separate tenant, (short or long term) which will change the unit address but keep same owner. What is the best way to go about this? Do I need a separate table for tenants for both short term and long term? Right now they are combined into 1 table merely differentiated by value list 2. Is this why I cannot change the disbursements table to the appropriate tenant and tenant address? Do I even need to use a portal?


Hope I'm explaining this right, I really need help in identifying where my problem is. Many thanks in advance.


The table contains

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