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Counting Unique Values

James 37

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I have a table collecting data on people, each with a unique ID field.


I also have a table of events, with several events for each person, related through the unique ID field.


I want to produce a report that lists some details of a set of events, devided into several sub-parts determined by values in fields belonging to the events table. Some of these events will be related to the same person. I would like my report to give a figure for the total number of events in each sub part, but also the number of unique people.


For the count of events, I simply have a summary field that displays the total count of IDs. For the count of people, I would have thought there would be a simple fuction to count the number of unique values in the ID field of the events table. Alas, I can't seem to find one. There seems to be an option for counting unique values in a portal or set of fields in one record, but not for counting unique values in fields for a set of records.


Can anyone help?

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