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Enforcing the use of Value List

sean p

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hi everybody,


hope sombody can help me ?!?!?


i Have two tables in my database

table 1 has 3 fields ... Field A ,B , C

table 2 has 2 fields.....Field D , E


Field B in table 1 is a drop down box and is using a Value list that shows values of Field E in table 2


here is my question.smiley-undecided ....is there anyway to prohibit the user of entering the Field (here B) and forcing the user to just being able to choose from the value list ????? hence... not being able to edit the values and avoiding the validation messages loop


thanks in advance


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thanks touchMe......

works great.......


but one more thing ........is it possible to change the color of the pop-up ???

lets say from grey to white and also to take the embossed out ????


thanks again


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select the menu field in layout mode, set fill-attributes to whatever color, shade you wish (set emboss etc., to none), remember you could also change the color, style etc., of the text (only or also)


then to rid yourself of the overall emboss effect of a popup-menu field... set the line-attributes 0 pt. and/or to the same color as your background, play with all the layout options...


have fun! - it's all about looking good!

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