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FTP Script


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Just as there are scripts that allows a user to open a URL and up pops a web site, I would like to see if I can provide a similar convenient way to allow access of FTP sites so users do not have to type in the host, username, password.


I have a database that has the necessary fields to hold the information one would need to access an FTP site: FTP Address, Username, and Password.


Is it possible to create a script button so the user of the database can select the FTP Address (script button) and the following occurs:


1. Launch the users FTP program

2. Populate the fields in the FTP program with the matching fields I have in the database: FTP address, Username, and password


It is preferrable to have a cross-platform solution. This is an internal company solution so I would be able to determine which Mac FTP program and which PC FTP program are the candidates for the script.


Thanks in advance

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First off, I don't know a single thing about Macs. I've never even touched one and don't even know where the on-off switch is.


But you should be aware that modern Windows operating systems have FTP capability built right in. Maybe you can leverage that ability somehow.


Here is a good article that explains how it works:




I have done some limited Filemaker & FTP interaction (Windows only) in the past and it did what I wanted it to do.

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Thanks Ted, appreciate the link. I will parse through that.


I am hoping to be able to leverage the data I have in the three fields to eliminate the data entry a user would normally do - especially since every character counts and remembering any of them is challenging.


Thanks again.

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Open URL [ftp://domain.org/folder] works fine on both PC and Mac. (It will use your designated FTP client. I use NetFinder on my Mac; others might use Transmit or Interarchy on the Mac, or FreeFTP or Coffee Cup FTP or whatever the FTP freeware/shareware du jour is on a PC these days)


You can pass it username and password params, too, I believe. Try this format:


"ftp://"& YourTable::AccountName&":"&YourTable::Password& "@domain.org/folder"

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Hi AHunter,


I tried using the URL script step before (as I read in the documentation that it will allow ftp) however it keeeps pulling up in my browser (Safari) as http....


Could you help clarify what you posted earlier?


Here is what I currently have as a script:

Open URL

vendor_companies_table::vendor_company_ftp_username &":"& vendor_companies_table::vendor_company_ftp_password& vendor_companies_table::vendor_company_ftp_address


I tried to replicate the scipt as you wrote it.

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You need to designate a program other than Safari as your default FTP handler. You can take either of two appraoches:


A) Use one of these. They all work pretty much the same; each will let you tie a specified protocol, or specified file type, to a specified application.



MoreInternet [can't find a live URL at the moment?]




B) Open the FTP client sw package of your choice. Does it immediately ask you "Should always handle your FTP needs?" or some such wording? Clicking "Yes" will tell the OS to pass all FTP to this app. No such immediate message? Check the Preferences & Settings. Most of them have that option somewhere. Here's the one in NetFinder:

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Thanks AHunter,


I really appreciate your response.


I will add this to my to do list. I suspected the problem was the Mac OS making the decision to handle the request via the browser instead of an FTP program. It makes sense to make a selection in one or all (Safari, Fetch, or Preferences on OS) to tell the OS how to handle the request.


From the link you provided it seems that OS X lost the ability to allow user to do this through the native OS and hence the need for a utility as you described.


I appreciate the help. My concern would be the use of a utility means that other users of my solution would be hobbled - so to speak.



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