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Selecting Records


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I would like to make a layout that I can use to select records that I can send an email out to. For example, if I had a page of 10 records and I only wanted to send an email to 3 of them, how could I do that?

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Same as on any other layout, do a Find.


Are you familiar with how to do a standard Find in FileMaker?


Ctrl-F, type what you're looking for, hit Enter?



Sorry, not trying to be snarky, just unsure of what it is that you're asking. Is there a reason / sense in which a Find would not do what you want done (if so you'll have to explain that)? And/or are you genuinely not familiar with Find Mode and how to enter in what you want and have it end up being the found set of records, etc?

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I am familiar with using the find mode. I'm just trying to find another way to do it. I mean, its like 4 steps to get the emails/letters out using the find. I want to just be able to check the boxes and then have my form letter go out to the ones that are checked. It should be a 2 step process not a 4 step process: check the records, hit find, switch back to the form letter view and then send out the letter. Just too much for a simple process. It should be able to be automated or something.





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Well, YEAH, you write a script which does all that for you. Then you just click the button which runs the script after checking off which ones you want to send.


Sorry, again not trying to be snarky. Have you ever written a Script in the ScriptMaker?


Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Table::Checkboxes, "Yes"]

Perform Find []

Go to Record [First]


... Send Mail [To= Table::emailaddress; Subject= "Hello world"; Body = Table::Message Body, no dialog]

... Go to Record [Next, Exit after Last]

End Loop

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