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Find records that match "Un-Equal To"


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I use FM 5.5 and in the allowed find symbols there is no search symbol allowing the fine of records in a given field that are un-equal to the search criteria. I have a field titled "Contact Type" and I want to find all records that are un-equal to "Contacted" Any ideas would be appreciated. Are there later versions that have improved search criteria?


Thank you



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See the "Omit" checkbox? When that is checked, you're telling FileMaker to find all records where the entire Request is to be treated as "not this" rather than as "this".


So if you want all records where Field X ≠ "beans", you go into Find Mode, you type in "beans" into Field X, you click the "Omit" checkbox, and hit Enter.


Be aware that if you're mixing Omit with Non-Omit requests, you should put the Omit portions last: that is, if you want all records where Field Y = "vegetables" but you do not want the ones where Field X = "beans", you do it like this:


Enter Find Mode

Set Field [Table::Field Y, "vegetables"]

New Request

Set Field [Table::Field X, "beans"]

Omit Record/Request

Perform Find

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