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Lookups ... Derrrr!


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Last time I used FM with any authority was in 1999. I have forgotten almost everything, so treat me tenderly please. smiley-wink


I have two fields of prices in a 65,000 line database. One is Euros, the other USD$. About 250 possible combinations exist. I wish to give each combination a Price Code, and have this auto-entered into a third field in this DB. In a separate spreadsheet, I have the Price Codes for each combination. How do I go about this? Thanks in advance.

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Let me explain. Two fields in a 34 field, 65,000 line database [Master] contain prices, one in Euro, the other in USD. There are about 250 possible combinations [eg Euro 22.00 - USD 24.00].


In a separate database the combination of these 250 two prices have been given a Price Code [eg L1 = Euro 22.00 USD 24.00]. The Master contains the combinations, but NOT the Price Codes. Am I correct in thinking the Lookup function can be invoked to lookup the combinations in the second database and insert its Price Code into the Master?


Is there another way to match/insert the correct price code into the appropriate field in the Master?


Thanks guys!

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Are you saying, based on the two prices, you want to lookup a corresponding code from the Price Code table?? Usually, I would think it would be the other way around.


If this is what you're looking to do, are we talking about exact matches for each price? If you put in $11 and 15Euro, will there always be a corresponding Price Code with those exact values, or do you need some sort way to lookup the next higher/lower value?

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Hey Ender, Thanks for your interest.


Usually it would be the other way around, I agree, but the data I have received from a vendor only includes Price coded for about 20 combinations, so I have generated the balance of the 250 and wish to apply them to the Master DB combinations. The Master will have and can expect ony EXACT price combination requests.

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In that case, try a relationship based on both prices (a multi-criteria relationship). You can then either show the related Price Code directly on the layout, or use a regular field with an auto-enter Lookup, pulling in the related Price Code.

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