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Customer Drop Downs


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In FM 8.5, I have one table, Customer with the fields Name, Company, Email Address. Quotes are in a second table named Order. One company can have several Names, and emails.


I would like when a new quote is started there are drop downs of the related names and emails based upon the company name. I have it where the company shows up in the new quote, but cannont make the drop downs work.


Guidance would be appreciated.



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Okay the layout context you are on (by the sounds of it, it is Order), you are setting a company name into a field on the order.


You need to create a relationship from the context (Order) to the Customers table, the predicates of the relationship are from your Company field (on the Quote) to the Company field on the Customers table.


Now setup a value list using the related values option. Choose the fields you wish to use in the value list as per usual (making sure you are choosing from the new relationship to cusotmers you created) ie you might choose record ID & name, or just customer name, or however you wish to link a customer to an order.


Check the option "use related values starting from:" and choose your original context (Quote).


Now when you choose a company on the quote, it establishes a relationship to all customers who have the same company. YOu can now set this value list onto the field you want on the quote (ie Customer contact...)


Hope this works for you.

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Okay, I can get that relationship and drop down to work. This however, makes another script not work.


I have a script New Order for Customer,

Go to Layout Order

Enter Browse

New Record Request

Set Field (Order::_KF_CustomerID; Get (Script Parameter)


End of Script


I have the relationship at Customer::Company = Order::Company.


Script Paramenter is Customer::__KP_CustomerID


I cannot get Company to fill for Customer Table, If I type is in the name and email drop downs work.


If I change the relationship to Customer::__Kp_CustomerID = Order::__Kf_CustomerID, the drop downs will not work.

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1. Add a Commit record script step at the end of your script

2. Change the company field on your order to an auto-enter calculation, and have it auto enter to Customer::Company.


The last relationship you specified Customer::__Kp_CustomerID = Order::__Kf_CustomerID is not going to work because it is not based on what you want to see (customers of same company).


Since your relationship should be from Order::Company to Customer::Company you need to have Order::Company populated - hopefully the auto enter will solve this issue for you.

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