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Spliting portals


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This may be a really simple question. But I'll ask it anyway.


I want to have a print layout showing data from a table and also from related tables. I've used a portal to do this.


The portal only has two columns so it doesn't need to be very wide. Is there any way to have the portal split into two columns?


The idea is that I want to use the page space effectively.


Even better would be being able to have the related data appear in the two portals alternately:


1 2

3 4

5 6


for example. Then I can use sliding to make the portals as small as possible (there's other data I want to put underneath).

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What you have listed there would require six portals. Each portal would be defined to display a specific portal row - when you create the first portal, specify Initial row: 1, Number of rows: 1 ... next portal would be Initial row: 2, Number of rows: 1 ... etc.

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