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Sending emails


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Hi Folks,


I'm using the standard campaign database and I'm trying to send emails to our patrons with our event attachment, we use Lotus Notes. I'm new to this so I have no idea how to send emails. When I click on the email icon on the contact record or click "Send Mail" on the Details tab. I get the following message:


no profiles have been created, to create a new profile, use the Mail icon on the control panel.


Any help on how to do this would be terrific!

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Sounds like although you "use" Lotus Notes, FileMaker is attempting to hoist some other email program into action. Are you using the script step "Send Mail"? (I assume that you are since you are attaching files).


I seem to recall that Send Mail on a Windows PC works with Thunderbird and Outlook Express but not with every email client in existence and perhaps Lotus Notes is one of the ones it does not play nicely with.


You could set up Thunderbird and use it solely for outbound email from FileMaker. Or Outlook Express for that matter.

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In using Thunderbird or Outlook Express, do both of them or one of them operate with Filemaker to send emails automatically without having to click a continue or send button generated by the email program.


I know using Mail with a Mac that my emails go without any dialog with Mail.

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I think Thunderbird will if you check the "no dialog" button in your Send Mail script step. Eudora will also, by the way, and I'm pretty sure Eudora will accept Send Mail.


I believe that whichever email program you use, you need to go to OS Control Panel and tell the OS "this is my email program of choice". Admittedly if you use Lotus Notes for everyday purposes that means clicking contactme@company.com on some company's web site launches an outbound email in the wrong email program but if you can live with that...?

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Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I got it fixed by going into my internet options and changing the email option to Lotus Notes. Such a simple thing and I was really stuck, so thanks again.

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