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Value List from Calculated Field not working


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I have a database with 3 tables (There are more, but only these are in play for this issue) (FM9 Developer version).






Each has a primary key, indexed, unique, auto-enter serial

CONTACT table also has fk_CompanyID#, related to COMPANY

PHONE table has fk_ContactID#, related to CONTACT


In CONTACT table,

entry field FIRSTNAME and field LASTNAME

Calculated field FULLNAME (FirstName & " " & LastName), indexed


When I create a value list using field data FIRSTNAME or LASTNAME, the 2 entry fields list the entire related subset of CONTACTS


However, when I create a value list using field data FULLNAME, only the first record shows in the pop-up list.


A list review of the CONTACT table shows that FULLNAME is populated correctly.


I need to have the full name show up in the entry field from the popup. Ideally, I would like to use the calculated concatenated field for this purpose, but alternative approaches would be acceptable.


I use this for to-do lists assignments, customer contacts in quotes and sales orders, and many other places, but the function does not seem to work as I intended.




The second question concerns limiting the phone list to the selected contact's numbers, but 1 problem for a post :-)

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Solved it!


In the concatenated FULLNAME field, the calculation result was set to number; it needed to be set to text to work.


The devil is in the details!

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Verify that the result type of the calculation field FULLNAME is "text"?


If it is, go to the Storage tab for that field def, turn off indexing (switch to "Do not store, calculated as needed"), OK it, OK your way out of Define Database, then dive right back in and change it back to stored w full indexing. That should force a rebuild of the index. Sometimes that fixes things.


There was a VL bug a ways back where one thing or another would "interrupt" the index used for a value list and value subsequent to that point would not appear in the VL. No reason it would kick in right after the first value but I guess no reaon it couldn't either. I'd have to prowl through old TechTalk emails to read up on it, check the other things first to see if that fixes your problem.

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