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Linking doc's do not work 1st time - how to overcome this problem?


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I have this weird and annoying thing going on.smiley-wink


We have a large database and use a lot of linking to documents. We have created a field that stores the linked files and they are entered by using a button that allowes you to browse and select a file.


BUT - the first time one opens the folder with the files, they are not active - you cannot choose them. Then you cancel, but still an entry pops up in the field. But it is not a file, just som symbols. If one repeats the action, it works ok. The problem is very annoying, because very few persons have the right to delete stuff and so we get all this garbage sitting around.smiley-frown


What to do?

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Could you be a bit more clear on the issue? are you attempting to link documents by inserting a reference to files on your hard drive into a container field? are you trying to insert an actual document into a container field? How are you doing this? Via script? what are the script steps you are using?

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