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Multiple Lookup


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I am trying to get data to auto-populate via a lookup from either one of two fields that are populated. My example is when someone types in a Company ID in field one the Company Name and Address populate or if they skip the ID and just enter the Company Name then the Address populates.


(field a) XYZCO ------------> (field b) XYZ Company (field c) Main Street


(field b) XYZ Company ------> (field c) Main Street


Currently I have the Company name and address as a regular lookup from the ID but cannot seem to ge the address to lookup from the Company only.

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Use an auto-enter calc instead of an auto-enter lookup; your calculation can use Case, If, or Evaluate (or a host of other operators for that matter) to distinguish between one situation and another, and to auto-fill the value that's appropriate depending on the situation.


If you want it to update whenever the referenced fields get modified, as lookup fields would do, uncheck the checkbox "do not replace existing values).

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