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Does 8.5 work with server 9 advanced?


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Hi All

Im currently running fm server 8 which hosts our solution to 10 clients (internal) all running fm 8.5 pro, i want to publish our solution on the internet, so that some of the clients can work on our solution when they are off site, i need to upgrade to server 9 advanced to be able to do this, so my question is will server 9 advanced work with fm pro 8.5, or do i have to upgrade all my pro 8.5's to 9 as well?



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I'm unaware of any compatibility-snags. Files are the same format. We currently have FileMaker 9 clients opening a solution developed under 8.5 but served up by Server 7. Generally speaking, any combo of server and pro can open / serve any files developed since FileMaker 7. The main snags come from opening files developed in 8.5 or 9 and using their full feature set with older versions of FileMaker Pro that can't comprehend those features. Server's less often an issue. And if it were going to be an issue, it would usually be an issue going the other direction (older version of server not properly handing features built into solution with newer versions of FileMaker). Last time I recall even that happening was Server 3 hosting FileMaker 4 files and not properly performing the then-new double equals-sign "find literal string" finds.


You should be safe with the combo you describe.

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