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iPhone/Pod solutions?


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We have received quite a few emails ever since the demise of FileMaker mobile. We've been working on several solutions, the first of course is web based technology.


The web based technology enables you to access your FileMaker database from a mobile phone, and view and edit records. For this you would need to have your database hosted or have FileMaker Server 9 or FileMaker Server Advanced 7-8. If you need a hosting service, we recommend http://www.fmgateway.com


Once your database is hosted, using either FX.php or the API for PHP you can create a web based solution that can be accessed by your mobile device.


Here are a couple of movies shot of my iPhone and Treo connecting to FileMaker web based solutions.






FMWebschool also hosted a webinar demonstrating different ways to create websites for mobile devices, you can see the webinar here.




I hope that this is of interest to many of you. There are opportunities to continue using your mobile devices with FileMaker, and we will continue to work hard to bring new technology to you.


In Kindness

Stephen Knight


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do you know if there is a [PodVersion] for this site?


i have been reading that the new iPhone/Pod update (or perhaps SDK) allow user interface design, replace or compliment Safari as the ikon-of-choice and dive directly in to the lists-of-your-choice... and do prety much as you do here, or are you currently on an iPhone/Pod with AirPort set up along-side your Mac Mini (hidden and out of site), or iMac to host FileMaker and all your web-data


now! if this can be demonstrated to work here, there or somewhere... then think what it can do for the small business who wish to have, lets say... up to ten users, using laptop PCs - running Windows and Office... and these people to be able to access the network from home or office


the Air is one of the fastest PC laptops available, also it stops the user copying stuff onto disc, it is designed as a network laptop


the native solution


and what's filemaker gottadowithit? {everyThing-noThing}


i gotta make some bread man! ha!smiley-smile

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The downside of using this technology is that it requires constant data connection and it can cost a lot of money. I think for the majority of business users it still good to develop native apps or use native apps like filemaker mobile to access and to update the database with the mobile devices, to upload and to download data from the online servers.

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I've created several simple native iPhone apps for talking with fileMaker. I wanted something more simple and specific than FMTouch.


My iPhone apps use XML to talk directly to FMS. A simple parser allows me to talk to any FileMaker Server via XML. This allows me to create any type of iPhone app around this.


Its basic and simple but it works very well.

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