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.fmp seen as Unix.exe


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I had a professor in my office yesterday with a FileMaker 4 file he had on a Mac but I could not open it. I first reinstalled FM 4.0 on my iMac and it said that the file was a FM 4.01 file and my FM 4.0 could not open it. I then reinstalled fm version 5 and that also said it could not open this FM 4.01 file.

I thought that Classic might be the problem so I installed FM 4 and 5 on an old PowerPC Mac to eliminate Classic but got the same error.

It is funny because the icon on my screen says it is a Unix.exe file???????


How do I open this corrupt???? file?

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You sure it's a FileMaker PRO 4.x file (ends in .fp3 usually) and not, perchance, a FileMaker 4 (Nashoba Systems, ancient, predates FileMaker Pro 1.0) file?


EDIT: more questions.


a) does it, in fact, have a file extension at all, and if so what is it?

b) how did profession "come in with" it? On a CD, a Mac floppy, as an email attachment to you etc?


c) Do you know how to obtain the file type and file creator? If not,




Set the file type and the creator both to "FMP3". See if it opens now.



d) If no joy, if you wish, upload it somewhere (sendspace, rapidshare, your own FTP space, etc) and give me the link and I'll see if it's something really really old.

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Just found this Forum after hours of research. I also have such a File here. It was probably created with Filemaker 4 from Nashoba Systems. Is there a possibility to read the data or extract it?




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Send it to me at my email address and I'll send you back a modernized version (an .fp7 created from the Nashoba 4). Be sure to mention "filemaker" in the subject line.

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Yep, it was indeed a Nashoba 4 file. Way cool, don't see very many of those floating around any more! You should have mail, with attachments.


EDIT: I just noticed that for "version" you listed "None" — does that mean you don't OWN any version of FileMaker? Would a tab-delimited text file, or an Excel spreadsheet, perhaps, be more useful to you then?

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