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Send Campaign script in Email Campaign Management template


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I'm very much a newbie but am loving filemaker and have pretty much found so far that the sky is the limit on what it can do.


I've adapted the Email Campaign Management template to suit most of our needs however I am having problems with the 'Send Campaign' script.


Currently the script loops so you send one email at a time, which I would really prefer not to do as we currently have a procedure (which works well) where we email out press releases to set groups of people (as a bcc).


I'd like to adjust the script to collect the designated email addresses in the bcc field. I'm hoping to keep the features that are offered by the campaign section (ie the templates, history etc). While I can see that it should be possible this level of scripting is still beyond me at the moment!


Any suggestions? I would be so grateful if someone could help as this has been doing my head in for a few days.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Albert

Do you realise that you have the same name as a Melbourne suburb? smiley-wink


I have had a good look at the Email Campaign Management template and I found that there were a few things that just didn't work. Just a warning to check that what is being sent out is what you intended. For example, I found that the last email was not being sent.


For what you want to do, you may be able to use a loop to collect all the email addresses from the current found set in a variable or global field and then assign that to the BCC of the email.

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Hi David


Thanks for the speedy reply! And funnily enough I was feeling a bit surburban today...


I'm happy to lose the 'campaign' section of the template...I'm primarily interested in the groups/contacts capability that this template offered.


Excuse me being incredibly thick but what is the best way to go about setting up a loop with a global field? It would be great if in the groups section I could just have a scripted button ie 'send email to group' and voila it inserts the groups contacts into bcc and the staff member can then edit the email content in Outlook prior to sending.


Sorry to be a pain - I'm sure this is incredibly obvious!



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