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Copy within FM to Webviewer


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I am confused, is copy and paste within webviewer supported in FM 8.5? I can drag and drop from Filemaker to the Web but not C&P. It works when you C&P from the Web into FMP.


I am new to using the webviewer, so I would love some feedback or a good answer. Kinda sucks if you can't C&P from FMP... Is it supported in 9?

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Interesting behaviour. According to FileMaker Inc.:


"Cut/Copy/Paste, Drag/Drop To and From a Web Viewer

These editing operations are available within web pages in a way that is similar to how they work in the platform web browser. For example, an image in a web page can be copied, then pasted into a container field; or the image could be dragged from the web page into the container field. Similarly, text can be selected in the web page and copied or dragged. Also, text can be pasted into a selected edit box inside a web page. These operations are enabled within the web viewer depending on the selection and key-focus state."


However, attempting to paste (Cmd/Ctrl-V) into a web form in the web viewer does not work. Further, the Edit menu paste command is greyed out.


However, you can:

1. drag and drop text from FileMaker Pro into the form in the web viewer, and

2. right-click and paste into the form.


Seems to be some kind of disconnect with the FileMaker Pro Paste menu command in a web viewer. Curiously the FileMaker Pro Copy command works OK from the web viewer.


“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).
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