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Filemaker and Google Calendar Two-way Sync


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Is there any way we can have FM placing events(jobs) on a Google Calendar, and have the FM record updating when the event is moved on Google? In other words, an order would be entered in the office and it shows up on the Google calendar on a terminal in the shop. Then if the ones in the shop decide that the jobs should be shifted, they can drag the jobs around, and Filemaker updates itself to the new time for the job. It would be nice if the updating could be automatic, but if that's not possible, there could be a script running on a timed interval that would do the update, but first I need to know if this syncronization is possible and how to do it.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!

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I just started looking at this too.


Would I be right in saying that is you just access your Google calendar in a web browser tab, that Filemaker is always going to show the current info, as you are browsing it live online?


Seems like a cool thing, I just have that sinking feeling that maybe I am missing some obvious flaw.



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