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Is it possible I have a bootleg copy?

Randy in Silkscreen PrePress

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Good morning everyone!


Recently added some new people to our company. We are in the middle of switching our job tracking system from Filemaker Pro to a COBOL based, text entry based system (Not my decision!!!)


Anyway, I installed 30 day trial versions on these new peoples computers because I was told we would be switched over to the new system in 3 to 6 weeks. Well the trials have expired and I'm being told that it is still 8 to 12 weeks out before the "New and Improved" text based dinosaur system will be in place. I will not elaborate on this as I cannot be held responsible for my actions and I want it to be a good day today. I mean afterall it's Friday!


So long story short I was asked to purchase some full versions but not to spend a lot of money. This of course cannot realistically be done but I thought perhaps I could buy a copy off EBAY where someone for whatever reason was selling their copy. I also did not need the latest version since the system was wrote in 7.5 I think and is running on an 8.0 copy right now serving up the files peer to peer. We do not have a server copy. Just stand alone copies that log in remotely to the copy running by itself on a dedicated PC.


So I found a copy for like $180 and bought it. Well it came and I installed it on one of the new peoples machines and everything is working fine. However, I looked at the CD closely and it is obvious to me that it is a second generation copy of the artwork. The screening in the file folder has morayed badly and the word FILEMAKER printed in black is not clean and crisp. The register mark is just a blurry fuzz ball. I can absolutely guarantee you the CD did not come from Filemaker. So I was wondering what I should do now. I think if they are bootlegging the software and selling it at $180 a pop they ought to be turned in. I'm thinking of mailing the CD into Filemaker and asking them to authenticate it for me as I am concerned it is a bootleg copy.

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