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Date range not found...


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An application written by someone else long long ago in FM5 today seems to not like the date range I'm feeding it. This is a daily report run everyday. It ran yesterday and for weeks and months before just fine. Today? I don't know why. I'm feeding it "2/7/2008" as well as "02/07/2008" as well as 2/7/08" and each time I get:


Date range not found. Please try again with a valid date range


I'm at a loss to determine what it wants. I've checked the system date and time on the PC and they're fine.


Why is this all of a sudden happening and how do I (the untrained operator) fix it?

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2/7/2008, however you write it out, is not a date range. What, specifically, is it that you're entering as your date range?


Given that error message, it sounds like a scripted routine, with the error message being a product of the script rather than a native FileMaker error message, so I think you will have to open the script in the ScriptMaker and type out for us exactly what the script is doing to the data you're feeding it.


The person who wrote the script "a long time ago" may have made 20th century assumptions.

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