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Putting Excel Records into a Portal


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I run a small association and we have been keeping a list of CEUs earned by member in an Excel file. Now we have over 25,000 lines of Excel records! One member could easily have taken 25 or 30 classes over the years (i.e. 25 -30 lines of Excel). How can I put each seporate member's lines into their FileMaker record? Is there a way to import them?


We also will need to be able to send the "transcript" (i.e. the list of CEU courses) to any member who requests it.


Can this be done?



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Firstly, what is a CEU? Probably not relevant but not commonly known. It could be any of:


Continuing Education Unit

Camera Electronics Unit

Central Electronics Unit

Central European University

Child Exploitation Unit

Civil Enforcement Unit (NYPD)

Civilian Electronics Unit

Combat Evaluation Unit (gaming)

Command Execute Unit

Control Electronics Unit

Cooling Equipment Unit


Second, how are these Excel lines identified by member? Does each line have a member ID? And is each member in your FileMaker Pro database identified in the same way?


If all the above is true, you could import the Excel data into a CEU table related to member records by member ID.


if not, you will have to supply more information.

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Thanks for replying so quickly.


yes... CEU is Continuing Education Unit.

Each line on the Excel spreadsheet is identified by the member's name and number.


I understand (I think) the relationships. So how do I build a CEU Table inside the member's record?


BTW - I have ordered the FileMaker self paced training course to help me do a better job.


Thanks again.



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