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Conversion Issues 3.0 to 8.5


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I have a solution that comprises 47 files developed in 3.0. I have successfully converted them to 6.0. When I launch the first file in 8.5, I am asked to rename the old file. I do so and the 8.5 file opens. The problem is: I am asked for a password below the account name of Admin. The is no provision for selecting Guest. I know this is on the list of "stupid Filemaker mistakes ver. 8.5", but I sure can't figure it out myself. Help!!


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When converting a solution to FP7 files, the existing passwords become accounts. You can log in with these accounts using the same text for both account name and password. Or you can leave the account name blank and just enter the password.


Also be aware that passwords in FP7 files are case sensitive, unlike pre-FP7 passwords.


So let's say that your master password in the unconverted file is Pa55w0rD. To open the converted file, clear the account name and enter the password exactly as Pa55w0rD. that will get you in. Then go into Accounts and Privileges and set up the user accounts and privileges properly.

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