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Highlight Target Data on Value List


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I have a script that sets a value into a field and then selects the field which opens up a value list, I am trying to get the value list to highlight and go directly to that value but it seems to never highlight the value in the field, is this a FM bug?

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The value you've set the field to is definitely in the value list OF that field?


Hmm. Try committing the record first and then do a Go to Field [select]?

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I added Commit Records to my script before selectinig the field and it still is not going to the target.


Because I don't want the value list to always pop-up when selecting a field but want to be able to pop-up the list when needed, I've created a separate field just to show the value list hidden behind the true field.


When a user clicks a button the true value (that may or may not have already been typed in, which must contain a unique value = to the value list) is set to the hidden field and value list pops and then I use zippScript to populate the true value.


So if a user types "ACME COMPANY" but they find that it's not the correct data they can see the value list to choose a similar value. But the value list does not highlight ACME COMPANY rather it highlists some other data.


example list:




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