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Approval Time Stamp


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I have a text field named EARBoard_Approval_Choose that displays values from an EARBoard_Approval_List value list as a radio button set. The values of the EARBoard_Approval_List are Yes and No.


I have another field named EARBoardApproverMsg. Based on the selection of EARBoard_Approval_Choose, EARBoardApproverMsg will follow the following “logic”...



EARBoard_Approval_Choose="Yes" or (EARBoard_Approval_Choose="Yes" and PatternCount (GetField(ImportedEARBoardApproverMsg ) ; "N" )="17");

"Last changed to \"APPROVED\" by " & UserName & " on " & LastModified;



"Last changed to \"NOT APPROVED\" by " & UserName & " on " & LastModified;


GetField ("ImportedEarBoardApproverMsg" )



The question is how can I show a date based on whether EARBoard_Approval_Choose is Yes or No--ONLY? Using a LastModified time stamp updates the time stamp with any and every record change.

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