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Is my data gone?


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Yesterday I set filemaker up to import from an excel file (about 10,000 names/address/etc), updating exsisting while adding nonexisting.


I came back to it, and something strange happened... The number of records in my database is the same number as the excel file (though I had thousands already, and most were not in this new file). It seems as though it replaced the existing record if there was a single similarity (ie, if a record had CANADA as the country, as did an entry in the excel file), then it replaced the info in the record.


Meaning - it looks like all of the old records are gone, and I only have the new information with some data remaining (someone's phone number is still there because the new entry didn't have that filled in, etc)


Is there a way to revert back to before I did the import?



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You do know that after running an import the found set is just the imported records?


I hope that's what you overlooked. Failing that, I hope you have a recent backup...

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Yup - I made sure and show all records, which is what sparked my attention at first: the number of records and number of new entries should not be the same.


I have a backup from about 2 weeks ago, but we've done quite a bit of data entry since then.

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First thing I did for my present project was put in a belt-and-braces daily backup system that doesn't require user input except as a last resort. Well, it's actually daily if I close the database every day, which I tend not to do... but better than nothing.


Sorry about your data! As far as I know, it's history.

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