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David Head

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Hello all,


Just noticed that I have passed my 2000th post to this forum. It has been fun, frustrating, time consuming, life consuming, stimulating, beneficial, annoying, wonderful, and just about everything else! That is a lot of help in response to a lot of interesting questions about a totally great application - FileMaker Pro. Not to mention all the direct emails I receive from people too. smiley_cool Now I just need to find a way to make money from providing help. smiley-wink


Thank you to everyone who has been grateful for the answers I have provided. Thank you to everyone who has provided stimulating challenges! I just love it when someone comes along and starts with "I am new to FileMaker Pro...". And thank you to Ross for providing this forum and keeping it running.


Speak to you again at 3000. smiley-wink

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Congratulations on the milestone, David. Your ideas and insights have been tremendously helpful to me, and to many others, I'm sure.


I hope to get a chance to actually visit with you at DevCon this year, rather than just passing in the hallways.





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Congratulations, David! You've always had a quick and accurate response to the questions I've posed and I appreciate that. I've also learned a lot reading other's posts that you've replied to.


I'm going to guess that 3,000 arrives much faster than you expect-


:) Mr. B

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